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jose's Journal

Sunday, June 19, 2005

8:08PM - update!

those of you that remember my last post in may about the girl.......man what a trainwreck that became. note to self no more 23 year olds

but i got great advice from my father today "joey if you don't think the women your with is fucking crazy WAKE UP! all that means is your the one thats crazy"

Current mood: with a side of moving on

Sunday, May 1, 2005

10:59PM - start of week 3

i had good weekend for myself! kim came over friday night and we drank a case of smithwicks beer between the two of us in under 2 hours we do indeed rule. i broke down and asked if she was indeed "my girl" and the response was an excited yes. then we dranks some whisky made out and then passed out. word! on saturday we woke up early because she had to work. since i was up and had to take her to her car which was still in nj i decided to stop by the record store where i found 2 very rare JAM records (the jam not a jam band). then i went to hang out with kim and saw kung fu hustle which wasn't so great.

anyway i'm about to enter my 1st week as somebody's boyfriend. and i'm rather enjoying that feeling again.

everything is going well no signs of trouble inthe near future i'll be sure to keep all of you up todate.

Current mood: as allways

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

3:31AM - i don't do this very often so listen up!

last sunday i call big mike we bullshit for a little bit and decide that we're going to roll out to norms house. i get there and we start our drive to norms. on the way i spot a silver nissan and as i get a better its my ex and her boyfriend bummer. for some reason it was a bummer and it doesn't matter whether your the breaker or the breakie it still sucks to see your ex with somebody else. then i start thinking man one of the last times i hung out with norm was at her brothers wedding. one of the last really good times i had with her befor the split. so now i have all this running in my head get to norms at this point i'm a total drag but i manage to put my gameface on ride out the night. so we leave norms house and i'm bitching to big mike about the whole heather the 2nd drama fest 2004 and how it affecting me in 05 (stay with me here)

so i get in my truck and take off from mikes for home which is more then an hour away. half way there i decide to stop and visit my friend rich. when i get there i find out he's hanging at this diner so i go there and pass him driving back to his place so i follow him there. i meet up with him and he's telling me about this girl down at the diner who's wicked hammered and he had to leave. i convinced him to go back to the diner with me as we were walking in. there was the girl rich was talking about.

this girl had a awsome drunk on and she was so amped up it was dope! i had to know a little more about her so i sent her a message on, yeah you guessed it "myspace". we decide to meet up at the diner on monday and again on wednesday. had the coffee thing and bullshited about the buzzcocks and stiff little fingers. she's dope! but anywayi ask her to hang out again on friday and we go to the movies hang at the diner then i drop her off at home. there i get the full indication that the night was a wicked success i get a "goodnight" kiss. at this point i'm totally stoked!

so i decide i don't want to become over bearing so i pull back for a few days to make sure i'm not diveing into this thing blind and to figure out if i'm ready for another girl that i surely know i could fall for.
i conclude that i am and if i fall for her so be it, it's worth the risk without a doubt.

so i hung out with her tonight and i totally can't take my eyes off here. i can't figure out what to talk about with her because every time i do i stutter. i would love to tell her how dope she every five minutes but i don't. would love to tell her that i've had her on my mind since that night at the diner. or how cute she is when she tells me she's afraid of ghosts, wants a pug puppy, or about last night episode of degrasse jr high tng. we went and got ice cream went to the diner and then to megs house there she sat next to me we drank horrible coors light while i noticed she was laying against me. FUCK YEAH!

megs mom got pissed that it was 130 am and all of us were told that we would have to go. i drive her home and then she giggled a little bit and then BOOMSHANKA the long kiss goodnight!


ladies and gentalmen of the livejournal
i got the girl

clockworkduck OUT!

knock on would but if this goes bad i'll (which i hope it doesn't) i'll fill you in on it

Current mood: dorky

Thursday, April 7, 2005

6:53PM - been a long time since i've been here

the last year has been a hell ride girls, cars, moving, life!

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

9:17PM - i moved mofos

moved into my new place
i live by myself (oh yeah)
call me (201) 572- 7814

better up date later

Saturday, May 17, 2003

10:32AM - recap

a recap of last night events

i picked heather up around 6:00 o'clock last night. she made me dinner which f-ing ruled. she was wearing this 1920's style flapper dress with there flapper hair style (wow). then it was off to the movies where we saw the matrix which proved to be a huge let down, don't even waste your money going to see it your not missing much. after that its off to the "happy time lounge" in beutiful downtown boonton where we met up with froggy and beth and had some refreshments befor heading out to hoboken. when we arrived at the club in downtown hoboken and the went to this club I forget the name of it but man it was mad cool in there it looked like the club from trainspoting minus the herion addicts and eurotrash (well there was some eurotrash there. music was good and the drinks went badly priced for hoboken. heather is now a bartender so she started ordering up drinks that i never heard of and my be the unsuspecting trusting type sort began drinking them as we walked out of the club we found out that none of us were able to drive so we took a vote and decided to pay the inflated price for a hoboken hotel room.
once at the hotel room and decide well i allready drank this much why stop now froggy and i walk down the street the the "BODEGA" and bought more "refreshments". went back to the hotel room to wreak some more havok around the local street and hotel. at about 4:30 in the morning frog and beth passed out after some much loved old school practical joke that frog said this morning he would get me back for we decide also to pass out..
i'm so glad i found heather again...she is such a good and bad influence on me at the same time

Current mood: pleased

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles:
(and note.. it's not the lyrics to the song... it's the song titles)

Are you male or female?: nimrod's son

Describe yourself: i bleed

How do some people feel about you?: evil hearted you

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: is she wierd

How do you feel about yourself?: where is my mind

Where would you rather be?: planet of sound

Describe what you want to be: debaser

Describe how you live: tame

Describe how you love: la la love you

Share a few words of wisdom: trompe le monde

Current mood: amused


i found my sheer terror cd today...i found it under heathers bed. how did it get there i lost it 4 years ago, but there it was with the initials just like i wrote on it when i got it JRM!

Monday, May 12, 2003

10:41PM - almost a year

its been just shy of a year since i've seen heather (heather O not heather B) and i didn't realize how much i missed her we spent the last few days together and had a blast. we went and saw X-men 2 and malibu's most wanted she kicked my ass at NHL 2003 on the ps2. ..raced our cars down rt 80.....went fishing (yeah fishing) ... then raced our cars again (this time i won)..we bought gta3..watched mr.show..she showed me the hand gun she just bought (leagaly)..went to the shooting range and the shot said weapon.. tomorrow after i get out of work were heading out to morristown for dinner at pamirs (mmm afgan)....
i've known her for 5 years and the time was never right and to find out i've been her secret crush since way befor i joined the air force made me feel good for the 1st time in a long time...because i seem to have the same feelings back (well off and on but more on then off). but i plan to be cautious because if it doesn't work out i'll lose a long time friend and she at times has been my best friend especially when the the whole heather B thing went down she was there for me (now it makes sense why heather O hated heather B so much)...more to come later

Current mood: optimistic

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

11:35PM - does anyone else find this funny?

img src="http://images.quizilla.com/A/arachniabat/1047000469_hangrygoth.jpg" border="0" alt="Angry Goth">
Angry Goth

What Kind of Goth Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Current mood: amused

Saturday, April 26, 2003

7:44PM - argh!!!!!

so i call my boss to ask him if i can still come in monday morning even though my shit had gotten stolen and he tells me "unless your ready for work monday morning don't even bother showing up."

so what does this mean
i get to make another payment on a car that i won't even be able to drive this month again my insurance and regestration money have to go to replace the tools i just bought 2 days ago

but jason and steph are going to pick me up later and were going to party like its 1999!

4:53PM - fuck asbury park

somebody broke into my car and to begin with its not even my car!
thanks to united airlines for "misplacing" my bag from atlanta what little i had left was stole sometime last night most likely by that crackhead that was standing on the corner after the show. when i woke up this morning and went to get my stuff out of my trunk only to find the trunk lock broken i new it was bad when i opened it up to find not only my book bag was stolen but all the new tools i need to start working on monday. i would like to also thank the philadelphia police for stopping by (just so i could file a report for insurance purposes) when they had the chance. but its not like i had anything better to do because they stole our sat and sun tickets for skate and surf. (i should have known better then to leave anything valuable in a car in ASSbury park that was my fucking mistake!) in all they got away with skate and surf ticket, my cd book, the last of the clothes i had left, and my brand new tools. so the grand total of what was lost counting the over 100 cds in my book has to be over a grand...sorry to Michelle i should have known better to leave the tickets in the car. i didn't mean to ruin the weekend .....i'm sorry

also on a side note it is april 26th which is another horrible date in jose montes history on this day in 2000 is when the suckubus heather came into my life..a girl that was a true man eater and terror on the male race...still sometimes i don't think i've fully recovered for that mess

FUCK APRIL 26th today, tomorrow, forever

Monday, April 21, 2003

11:52PM - the atl

so here it is the day...i passed my final and on my way back to nj tomarrow. passed the final with a 99% and finally i am a level 1 apprentice (has nothing to do with d&d..lol). but anyway all of those who have it can call me at my parents house on wednesday morning thats when i'll be back.
i'm making a stop in dc to see my friend ally who i havn't seen in years

i'm out of here

Thursday, April 17, 2003



the count is 4 days and 1 wake up

Current mood: infuriated

Tuesday, April 15, 2003


somebody put my doubts to rest please

9:46PM - top 5 negative 5

word up:
1) 6 days left
2) lee from chicago getting in touch after a long time of wondering where the hell he was
3) $1100.00 from uncle sam this year
4) the mad tattoos i'm gonna get in the next few month
5) my next move

1) missing somebodies voice
2) i have to be here another 6 days
3) homesick
4) missing somebody
5) boardom

the count says:
six ha ha ha six days left can you count 1 ha ha ha, 2ha ha ha, 3 ha ha ha, 4 ha ha ha, 5 ha ha ha, 6 ha ha ha. this was brought to you by the letters F and U

Current mood: depressed


894 miles away thats where my head is. 7 days left. not sure what i'm coming back to. or if i'm making the right choices anymore. i'm glad i came here so i could get a better job. but i can live without the homesickness i hate it. i want to come home there are to many things i miss and to many things that need to be done. and i hope i'm making the right choices because i'm not so sure anymore........but what can you do eh. except sit and wait for the hammer to fall

Current mood: confused

Monday, April 14, 2003


www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/ check out tokyo breakfast and laugh your ass off

Friday, April 11, 2003


it's not even 7:00 am and somebody allready set me off.

Current mood: infuriated

Thursday, April 10, 2003

8:36PM - enter the confessional!

confess your sins and the the good reverand jose will clean your soul:

Current mood: bored

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